Rikyū Memorial

March 24 (Sun) 1:00 pm

Everyone is invited to come and take part in this ceremony commemorating the life of Sen Rikyū (1522-91), the most influential tea master of the Japanese Way of Tea.

After the service, tea will be served to all in the temple tearoom according to the Urasenke manner of tea preparation. Please come and enjoy this special occasion and have a bowl of tea.

Please note that Chasen Kuyō (Offering Up of No Longer Useable Tea Whisks) will not be conducted this year.

For further information contact Keith Snyder:
tel (604)939-7749 krsnyder@shaw.ca




詳細は Keith Snyder 宛に連絡ください。
tel (604) 939-7749 krsnyder@shaw.ca