Tōzenji is a Japanese Buddhist temple of the Seizan Pure Land Tradition (Seizan Jōdo-shū 西山浄土宗). The name of almost every Japanese temple ends in ji (寺), which means “temple.” The word tōzen (東漸) means “gradually east,” and it refers to the historical movement of the Buddhist teachings and practices from India to China and Korea, and on to Japan.

From the Japanese standpoint this was an eastward move, and when we think about it, a type of Buddhism that arrives in Canada from across the Pacific represents yet a further eastward extension of the faith. In addition to a temple name, each Japanese temple has a “mountain name” (sangō 山号). This tradition has its origins in China, where Buddhist temples were often built on mountains. Tōzenji’s mountain name is Daihizan (大悲山), which means “Great Compassion Mountain.”

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