Tōzenji Membership
東漸寺 会員募集

Tōzenji (Seizan Buddhist Studies and Cultural Centre: Seizan BSCC) was founded in 1989 by the late Zuichō Hashimoto, a Japanese priest of one of the Pure Land sects (Seizan Jōdo-shū), for the purpose of providing the people of the Vancouver area with a dōjō (place of practice) that could bring them in contact with the living tradition of Japanese Buddhism and its related cultural forms.

We can all read books; we can all get mountains of information on Buddhism on the internet. But the true spirit of the practice can only be transmitted from heart to heart.

You can help us keep the temple alive and available to all by becoming a member of Tōzenji. All places of worship, in the end, should have the effect of improving the quality of life. Values such as truth, beauty and kindness arise from our practice. We feel that the Japanese Buddhist tradition and its offspring art forms have much to offer in this respect.

Keith Snyder, Resident Priest and Managing Director - Tōzenji
Masayuki Watanabe, President - Seizan BSCC

東漸寺 (Seizan Buddhist Studies and Cultural Centre: Seizan BSCC) は1989年に西山浄土宗の故 橋本随暢師がバンクーバー地域の人々に日本の仏教と関連する文化活動と触れ合える場所を設けるために建立されました。



東漸寺 住職 キース・スナイダー
Seizan BSCC 会長 渡辺雅之

Annual Membership Fee is $50 per year (family and individuals). Payment by cash, cheque or E-transfer.