Hana Matsuri
(Buddha's Birthday)

May 5 (Sun) 1:00 pm

A ceremony is held in Japanese temples in April or May to commemorate the birth of the Indian Buddha Shākyamuni (“O-shaka-sama”). During this ceremony, a baby Buddha statue is displayed in a small shrine decorated with flowers and the participants pour “sweet tea” (a herbal infusion) over the head of the statue in a reenactment of the moment when heavenly nectar poured down onto the newly born Buddha-to-be. Matcha will be served after the ceremony. Reservation is not required. Please come and help us celebrate this joyful event.

For more information call Keith Snyder  krsnyder@shaw.ca  tel (604) 939-7749



詳細は Keith Snyder 宛に連絡ください。krsnyder@shaw.ca tel (604) 939-7749